Thursday, December 8, 2011

Round out the semester

So here is a bit of work from earlier this month, really happy with both my paintings and hope my second one turns out nice. Monday the 5th our illustration and design class was able to have a demo from Don Kilpatrick on letter press, which was really awesome. And finally Tomer Hanuka's overkill is really inspirational, great pieces of art in there.
Self portrait
Acrylic on Illustration board

Value study on my Crime scene painting
Oil on Watercolor paper

Linoleum and embossed

Crime scene
Oil on wood board

Crime scene progress

Work area

Tomer Hanuka's book overkill. it's great.

Don Kilpatrick demoing how to use the letterpress.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


 The first three drawings are from Drawing 2 we're currently studying hands and feet, the skeleton drawing was from a couple weeks back. My hand drawing took about an hour and 35 minutes. and both the feet drawings took about 45-55 minutes each The drawing of the kitchen was for Perspective illustration, I am going to do a couple more overlays for it. For my illustration techniques class I have my first oil painting that turned out way better then I had expected and a couple sketches for my new assignment which i'm drawing a goblin scientist.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lots of work

The first image is a quick painting done in Photo shop of Bill Murray that I had done just for fun over winter break and to keep in the grove of drawing more. 
The 2nd is a Gauche resist that our class had to do for our first assignment, went really well for not ever touching gauche before.
And lastly is a new drawing I'm working on in my Drawing 2 class. I'll post more on it and have some Ideation sketches on my new assignment for Perspective illustration.