Friday, May 11, 2012

Smelly warfare

Hey guys! Sorry that I didn't get this up sooner, here is the finish to a piece I was working on a month or two ago now. It is one of my favorite pieces i've done.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Traditional paintings

     Finishing out the year here at CCS and i've got some stuff to post. these are traditional pieces from different classes. I'll be posting some more of my digital work from Intro to Image making I.

"Flattery is alright so long as you don't inhale"
Graphite on paper

One of my favorite pieces of the year that I had created. We had to break a selected quote down and conceptualize on the quote for a little under two weeks, then go onto ideations and the finish.

"Someone you love but don't trust"
Oil with acrylic under painting

I enjoy the idea behind this painting a lot, few things that I wouldn't mind changing but I learned a great deal about oil paint from this piece.

Oil Life painting

Probably my strongest oil piece from this year, it was a life painting in Nancy Mitters Advanced Figure class. It was an excellent class learning a lot about color, and color theory.


I had taken a lot on what I learned from Nancy's class and Erik Olson's Illustration Tech II class. Painting a lot of thick layers and playing with a palette knife on the scarf. Painting of my friend Angelina Roncelli giving it to her for her birthday.