Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hot Hot Heat

   Have a pretty nice amount of things to post been drawing as much as I can over summer, have some sketches and a piece that I started and finished today, I'm planning on posting more often (said that before) but this time I will try my best and will be doing more work. first up are some sketches that i've been working on in the past month and some over my vacation.

"Ink, paper"
Was looking up images of a wolf on my phone and found this guy, sparked interest so I drew him, took about 40 minutes.

"Ink, paper"
When swimming on vacation we found a frog in the pool so we helped him out of the pool and named him pickles, then I remembered one of my friends worked at a golf course and how occasionally they would hit frogs with the weed whipper on accident because they were hidden in the weeds.
"Graphite, paper"
Just a doodle of an assassin.

"Graphite, pen, marker, paper"
Just started scribbling while at Pizza hut and it eventually turned into this.

"Graphite, paper"
The sisters, two images from a model website.

"Ink, digital"
This came up when i was looking at greek mythology and demons (I was up really late). I stumbled onto a demon called murmur who's symbol was a vulture, so I figured I would do a little illustration on it.

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