Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So it's been a minute, I've had quite a few big things going on recently, here are some things i've been working on, mostly vector pieces created in Illustrator.
This was done for my illustrator class we were given a chair to create as closely as possible in illustrator using blends and gradients. I am pleased with how it came out the newspaper was pretty fun to do.

This was created for reeboks summer internship application, I had drawn it out in pencil and ink then took it into illustrator live traced it and fixed up some of the lines.

We were given an assignment to recreate our High-school logo, it think mine turned out really well, it's the iconic minute man hat from the civil war
I created this for Library Street Collectives Small Works Project, I'm really excited because it was in a show with some pretty big local and national artists like Don Kilpatrick III, Stephanie Henderson, Erik Olson, David Kinsley, Matt Eaton, and James Jean. It went to Italy, unfortunately I couldn't go with it.

These are for my Illustrator class in which we have to do the seven deadly sins throughout the semester I love how they're turning out and I'm really excited to finish these up.

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